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Here are at Maximum Signal we only sell the best products in the market place at the best prices. We do not carry a million different brands -- "Just the best !!!!" at the best prices!!! Be it our Cyfre Direct Connect amplifiers or our Maximum Signal Wireless Cellular amplifier systems. There are plenty of independent reviews on the Internet to verify our claims. Not paid advertising ads disguising themselves as independent reviews. All of our amplifiers are made in America by Americans!!!

Buyers beware!!!!

As far as Direct Connect amplifiers go, there are amplifier products being produced offshore with low quality.
Cyfre Direct Connect amplifiers are made from 100% aluminum die cast cases; this prevents RF Leakage and overheating of the amplifier. Imitations have cheap lightweight extruded cases. Amplifiers weighing slightly over 1/2 a pound do not give you the safety factors of one weighing almost 2 lbs. Our competitors use cheap extruded cases; do not risk melting wires or overheated product inside your vehicle!
Don't be fooled by inflated power numbers dbi and dbd. Cyfre & Peak Reception amplifiers produce the maximum power allowed by Federal Law. Imitators use false test results from within their own company! Our products use test results provided by 100% independent testing facilities.

    Maximum Signal amplifiers are State of the Art in every way:
  • 1) They require the least amount of antenna separation of any brand
  • 2) draw the lowest power
  • 3) have the most anti-oscillation features
  • 4) come with only professional quality components
  • 5) are the most powerful in their respective categories
  • 6) the easiest to install; the smallest actual amplifier size
  • 7) handle the most amount of devices with all devices receiving maximum power!!!
  • The list goes on and on. Just check around the Internet yourself.
All of our Maximum Signal cellular amplifiers are carrier network friendly. This very important. You may think you are getting good signal with one of the other brands, but what is it doing to the signal of your friends and neighbors?
And then there is price.

We are able to price our products affordably because of our purchasing power. We purchase directly from Amplifier Manufacturers, thus eliminating increased pricing from distributors. Everyone deserves to be able to afford cellular reception. Maximum Signal offers you a 15-day full money back guarantee! If the product does not meet your expectations or our claims, we will refund all your full purchase price (shipping and handling is not refundable). Maximum Signal is that confident!

Bookmark this web site; we have more exciting state of the art products coming out in the near future. We take pride in our products being light years ahead of the competition. Just keep checking in . When the newest best amplifiers become available, they will be here first.

We are not the biggest out there, just the best!!

Maximum Signal and Cyfre Amplifiers are made in America by Americans